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Parkhomenko M.V. Daily life of Byzantine Cehrsonesos-Cherson (4th–10th centuries) (23.03.2018)

Kozachok O. B. Relationships of Galician Principality and Byzantium in the Context of International Relations in the Middle – Second Half of the XII Century (7.03.2017)

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Sorochan К. The food, raw materials, and craft products in Byzantium 4–9th centuries: professionEdit the translation in Русскийal specialization in production and trade (13.03.2015)

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Gridnyeva Y.G. Evolution of Byzantine Tradition in Iconography of Liturgical Embroidery of Late Middle Ages (6.06.2008)

Melnyk M.M. Byzantium and the nomads of the Northern coast of the Black Sea in 10th – 11th centuries: historiography of the problem (3.04.2007)

Domanovsky A. M. The State Control and Regulation of Trade in Byzantium during IV–IX Centuries (23.03.2007)

Woos O. V. Military-engineering providing of the defensive policy of Byzanty in the Northern part of the Black Sea (end of IV – beginning of VII centuries) (27.02.2007)

Zhdanovich O. P. Arianism in social and political life of the Roman Empire (the end of the III century – 325) (11.12.2006)

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